In 2005, a group of people grew tired of travelling the Peninsula and beyond to buy the best quality, best-priced authentic produce. They got together and decided to get it brought to them.

Now their offering is available countrywide. Ethical Co-op offer fresh organic fruit, vegetables and dairy in Cape Town, and, countrywide, a wide range of products that meet their high standards, such as herbs and spices, body products, seeds and paints – products that we use every day on ourselves and our children. Their range is growing all the time, and if you know of a product that you think beats what they have on offer (healthier, produced more sustainable, and produced closer to home), please let them know about it.

For almost a year now, Melissa’s has been the local drop off point for orders from Ethical Co-op. If you want to find out more about Ethical Co-op and their products, go to for more information and to sign up as a client.